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Technology is affecting the way we live, work and play. The 21st century workforce is a global community where time zone differs from one continent to the other; we therefore need to have access to corporate resources to concisely respond to this customer needs and requirement almost all around the clock. Today’s buildings have become obsolete and can no longer cope with this trend. Facilities provided must go beyond providing basic utilities like plumbing, electricity etc. to include broadband network infrastructure that allows for wireless access.

ICSL EstateConnect is a wireless broadband solution designed to solve the challenge of transforming your building and estate by providing wireless internet access, VoIP, video conferencing and security surveillance. It enhances the quality of life or residents as well as provide additional stream of income for Estate owners.

How EstateConnect meets the challenge of Real Estate Organizations

1. No Complicated Equipment

2. No Major Investment

3. No Complex Infrastructure


1. Security Surveillance (IP-based video surveillance solutions): Seeing is protecting. IP-based video surveillance is revolutionizing the way Real Estate Organizations are protecting their property and residents. Our EstateConnect solution helps you to join this revolution.

Video Conferencing

2. E-mail and messaging services

3. VoIP

4. IPTv

5. ELDAP services

Benefits of EstateConnect Solution

Speed: It is fast –delivers up to 6Mps more than all other broadband solution

Value added Estate: It enables Real Estate operators to offer premium services such as voice over IP, video content , security surveillance, and gaming

Reduced Cost: The EstateConnect technology can provide substantial cost benefits when compared to traditional municipal options such as cable, DSL and T1 and T3 lines. With Canopy, you can have the speed and security of dedicated T1/T3 lines for a fraction of the cost.

Increased Security: The EstateConnect platform offers enhanced security. Data is encrypted with industry standard over-the-air DES (Data Encryption Standard) encryption. Also available is AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption, so sophisticated it would take a trillion years to decode. This ensures that city offices or subscribers to the service (such as hospitals and doctors' offices) can safely send even the most sensitive data with complete confidence.

Higher Quality Service: The system's proven technology means that wherever your community is located, whether in an urban, suburban or rural environment, in flat, hilly or mountainous terrain, your service is always on and always available with voice and data communications of exceptional quality. And because provides upgradable software service, you have no fear of your system becoming obsolete.

Immediate Deployment: Unlike other options which can take weeks or months to deploy, a Canopy system can be up and running in a matter of hours or days, immediately connecting city offices or adding new homes or business subscribers to the municipal network. On-site Canopy units are small, unobtrusive and maintenance-free.

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