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ICSL offers a next generation wireless broadband solution that is earning high marks in helping institutions of higher education quickly meet the growing demand for high-speed network services on-&-off campus.

The backbone of this solution is what we call CampusConnect, a wireless technology platform, one of the fastest, most reliable, and affordable ways of bringing high speed access and other learning and communications solutions to higher education environments of all types and sizes. The communication infrastructure supports data, voice & video.

The Challenge
Most educational institutions face a number of crucial challenges, including needs to:
1. Meet students’ and staffs’ connectivity demands
2. Extend high speed coverage off-campus
3. Use coverage as competitive advantage
4. Avoid network downtime
5. Protect data from unauthorized use
6. Streamline administrative operations

How can educational institutions tackle these challenges more successfully, more efficiently and more cost effectively?

CampusConnect is a powerful but yet affordable wireless broadband solution for educational institutions that provides the ability to tackle the above-outlined challenges. CampusConnect wireless broadband infrastructure and equipment deliver:

Connectivity: CampusConnect makes it easier, faster and more affordable to provide students and faculty with broadband internet access from virtually everywhere on-and-off campus. CampusConnect high speed wireless networks help enhance experience and improve communications between faculties.

Collaboration: CampusConnect greatly extend the geographical reach of education, and facilitate interactivity and collaboration through faster access to research online library repositories, learning portals, course management systems and much more.

Network Security: Through DES and AES over–the-air encryption standards, CampusConnect help maintain high level of security that protects information sharing.

Campus Safety: CampusConnect supports state–of-the art IP based video surveillance capabilities for improved facility and campus security of students, faculty and staff.

E-Learning: CampusConnect provide the network infrastructure to allow for video streaming with online learning functionalities.

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